To a more cohesive, data-rich European future

The annual EUscreen Symposium “Reimagining the Future of Data Flows: A European Digital Public Space” took place successfully on 4th and 5th December 2023, for first time in Athens. The event was open to anyone interested in data policy, digital public spaces, archiving, audiovisual heritage, cultural heritage and media. The symposium was co-hosted by EUscreen and the Archive of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, ERT Archive, partner of the EUscreen Network and also a member of the EUscreen Foundation.

The 2023 Symposium focused on European Data Spaces, in alignment with the European data strategy. The act of promoting data sharing among cultural and creative industries serves as a catalyst for stimulating collaboration and unearthing novel business opportunities. The European Commission, through the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), supports the development of common European data spaces in strategic economic sectors and domains, including Media, European Open Science Cloud, Tourism, and Culture. By establishing a unified foundational infrastructure, European Data Spaces aspire to facilitate and enhance data sharing, to foster interoperability and transparency. Within this landscape and the flagship initiative to accelerate the digital transformation of Europe’s cultural sector, EUscreen plays a pivotal role as an integral component of the Data Space for Cultural Heritage, operated by the Europeana Foundation, and is actively engaged in fortifying its connections with other essential Data Spaces.

Members from European organizations and stakeholders (Europeana, Open Future Foundation, EBU, DG Connect, CAPGEMINI, DARIAH, LUCE-CINECITTA, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, TV3, Centrum Cyfrowe, National Archives of Lithuania) and from Greece (ERT Archive, National Documentation Center, Athens University of Economics) participated in the symposium, contributing to a truly inspiring and thought-provoking discussion on data spaces, data flows, regulatory context and data space participants’ collaborative potentials in efficient exchange of data across the geographical expanse of Europe.

Specfic thematic sessions highlighted the value of content reuse and archives valorization in commercial production, educational and general audience uses.

ERT President, Konstantinos Zoulas welcomed the attendees, and the symposium was addressed by Vasilis Alexopoulos, Director of the ERT Archive, and Johan Oomen, President of the Euscreen Network.

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Symposium 1st day- 4/12/2023

Words of welcome


1st Roundtable: European policy around data spaces

Moderated by: Maja Drabczyk Speakers: Paul Keller (Open Future...

2nd Roundtable: European ecosystem of Data Spaces – deep dive

Moderated by: Johan Oomen Speakers: Esther Huyer (CAPGEMINI /...

Symposium 2nd day - 5/12/2023

The re-use of archival materials in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Chaired by Marco Rendina, Cinecittà / EUscreen Foundation Board member

Eleni Zontou, ERT Archive

Creative re-use of ERT archives: from schools to...

Kelly Hazejager, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

From Sharing Data to New Collaboration Opportunities between Cultural...

Roland Sejko, Cinecittà – Archivio Luce

From literature to film, passing through footage. The...

Manos Efstratiadis, Film Director

The use of archival content in film production...

EUscreen partner projects

Chaired by Laura Schotte, EUscreen Chair of the Participant’s Council

Dido Georgoula, ERT Archive

ERT Archive in the digital landscape

Montse Bailac Puigdellivol & Montse Fortino Segura, TV3

40 PALS: past times, what a show!

Jole Stimbiryte, Lithuanian State Archive

New possibilities and challenges for re-use of audiovisual...

Maja Drabczyk, Centrum Cyfrowe

Data-driven skills in content, journalism and storytelling -...